Guinness Celebrates the Return of Football by Rewarding Some Lucky Super Fans with an Unforgettable Experience

Football season is here, and Guinness wants to make matchdays this season even brighter for some lucky fans by giving them matchday experiences like no other.

At the weekend, Guinness treated one lucky fan and his friends to an immersive football experience with the best of audio and visual quality, the most comfortable of seating and set against spectacular of views. But of course, the match couldn’t kick off without a perfectly chilled Guinness and these lucky fans were treated to the coldest of Guinness’ being delivered to them from the skies as a drone landed just in time for them to sit back and catch all the action with a perfect Guinness in hand.

Guinness Marketing Manager Henrietta Reed said, "Fans are at the heart of matchdays and Guinness, as the Beer of matchdays wants to ensure that football fans get the viewing experience that they deserve. So, we are thrilled to have given our super fans an unforgettable matchday and we look forward to making more matchdays shine bright for more fans this season. Keep an eye out on our social channels for more Matchday surprises to come."

About Guinness

First brewed by Arthur Guinness in Dublin in 1759, GUINNESS® has since become the number one stout in the world and has been available in Kenya for almost 50 years.

GUINNESS® Foreign Extra Stout is the most full-flavored of all, singular and striking, uniquely satisfying, brewed with extra hops and roasted barley for a natural bite. Bitter and sweet.

Refreshingly crisp. Always rewarding. Pure beauty. Pure GUINNESS®. GUINNESS® Foreign Extra Stout comes in a 300ml and 500ml dark coloured bottle.

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