KBL accelerates innovation line with Fruit-forward Beer

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has introduced Rockshore Tropical Lager, a new alcoholic beverage with a fruit appeal.

The tropical flavoured beer innovation, which is infused with natural tropical African fruit flavours like pineapple and passion fruit and has an Alcohol by Volume (ABV) of 4.2%, will be sold in bars and restaurants starting today for Ksh150 for a returnable bottle.

To expand the light beer category, change consumers' perceptions of mainstream beer, and encourage them to try new products, KBL intends to attract the next generation of drinkers with relevant beverages that address the changing drink occasions.

Speaking at the launch event, KBL Managing Director Mr. John Musunga said the company's ambition to attract new customers and adapt to their shifting tastes and preferences led to the development of the innovation.

“The development of Rockshore Tropical Lager today comes in response to the growing market preference for flavorful beers with locally brewed fruit-inspired brews that can increase the base of consumers to the category. Our consumer surveys on the market trends for alcoholic beverages have revealed that a younger generation of customers prefers beers that are lively, colorful, and exciting,” said Mr Musunga.

"This new brand supports our company's overarching mission to heavily invest in innovation in the creation of alcoholic beverages that meet the changing taste and demographics, which has enabled KBL to attract new consumers," he continued.

EABL Marketing and Innovations Director Anne-Joy Michira reaffirmed that the goal of the company's inclusion of Rockshore Tropical Lager is to interact with a constantly changing consumer base through flavoured offerings.

"We are incredibly excited to introduce Rockshore Tropical Lager to Kenyan consumers. This is a product that resonates with a large part of the target population, who have a sweeter palate that is not addressed by mainstream beers. It presents a fantastic recruitment potential. With its crisp, clean flavour and exquisite tongue feel, Rockshore Tropical Lager gives a more reviving, lively, and savory tasting experience, according to Ms Michira.

In the upcoming weeks, Rockshore Tropical Lager will be made available across the nation, with a market roll-out anticipated shortly after.

KBL has emphasized innovation as one of the company's key growth pillars, with the company's profit growth in the financial year ending June 2022 being partially attributed to investment behind brands and innovation in the route to market in response to consumer behaviour shifts – as its beer performance increased by 27%.

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